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20 years of rich experience in sales and marketing, classic and digital, from different and diverse content worlds.

Attracted to the process of truly understanding the customer, connecting to his heart and fulfilling his business goals in the most effective way,

Using a variety of digital platforms and tools.

Specializing in building websites and landing pages as a WIX PARTNER, in building ecommerce sites in SHOPIFY,

In Google sponsored promotion as GOOGLE CERTIFIED AGENCY,  

Sponsored promotion on Facebook / Instagram, content-based promotion in Taboola / Outbrain,

Content writing in a variety of topics and fields, Hebrew / English translations and more. 



Any venture, project or business operation nowadays needs a proper digital presence, appropriate to its purpose and objectives.
​From my experience I have learned that no two businesses are the same.
Any business or venture is in a different unique situation, at a different stage in their development process, facing a specific competitive environment or having different budgets.
From getting to know more and more customers I realized,  that due to the huge variety of business ventures that exist today, it is not possible to offer a fixed package of services to two different business entities so each of my projects starts with the stage of  studying the customer and setting its specific package of digital services that will suit him best at that point in time.

Work process

The work

The work process opens with an acquaintance with the customer and the his situation, and from there - proceeding to a common definition of a unique digital services package that is most suitable for him, both in terms of his goals and objectives, and in terms of his business concept and budget.
The range of digital services is constantly renewed and updated in all channels, in accordance with the new concepts and developments, and all of them are used precisely and tailored to the exact needs of each customer.
​ The whole process of working with the customer is wrapped in the added value of a deep familiarity with the worlds of traditional service and sales, and with the basic principles that are true and important even in the digital age.

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